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Get to know the type and function of blood tests

A blood test is an examination of a blood sample taken from a prick on the finger or through a vein in certain body parts, such as an arm using a needle. Blood test aims to detect disease, find out the function of organs, detect poisons, drugs, or certain substances, and check the overall health condition. After the blood sample is taken, the blood sample is put into a special small bottle and then taken to the laboratory. In this place, blood samples will be examined under a microscope or tested with chemicals, depending on the type and purpose of the blood test. Why Blood Test? Blood flows throughout the body, acting as a medium that carries nutrients and oxygen to tissues and all cells. Blood also carries waste products back to the excretion system for disposal. Blood flow in the body affects or is affected by many medical conditions. For this reason, a blood test is one of the most common tests to do. Some other reasons why blood tests are done are as a way to monitor the ac
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Know This Before Giving Medication to Babies

Medicine does work to help cure the pain suffered. It's just that giving medicines to babies cannot be done haphazardly because improper administration can actually endanger the baby's health. Many parents panic and rush to give medicines to babies once their baby is sick. Though some health problems experienced by babies do not always need to be overcome with drugs. Conditions that may not require medication Here are some conditions that may not require administration of medication for infants: Cold Colds generally can subside on their own without medication after 1-2 weeks. According to a pediatrician, antibiotics cannot cure cold symptoms caused by a viral infection. Opinions of other experts say, over-the-counter drugs for colds may be able to relieve symptoms, but still do not cure. The right step in handling colds is getting enough rest and drinking lots of warm water. As an alternative to medicine, to relieve nasal congestion in infants, you can drip or spray s

Don't Be Too Late, Prevent Dental Caries Right Now

Dental caries is caused by food debris and sugar on the surface of the teeth which are turned to form acids due to bacteria. Before that happens, let's take precautions as early as possible. If you see brownish yellow or black spots on the teeth, you should try to pay more attention to dental health. Because brownish yellow stains or black stains found on teeth can be a sign of the appearance of dental caries. When it is formed early, dental caries may not cause pain. But when black spots or caries holes get bigger, the risk for natural toothache will also be greater. Ways to Prevent Dental Caries Like to eat sweet foods and neglect in caring for teeth are two of the various bad habits that cause dental caries. Before it's too late, start doing caries prevention on teeth. There are many simple ways that can be done to prevent tooth decay, namely: Brushing teeth and using dental floss Brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially after eating. Use toothpaste that c

The Key to Choosing the Right Women's Sportswear

Choosing women's sportswear must be appropriate, think about the comfort that can be given. In addition, good sports clothes are able to provide a feeling of warmth when the weather is cold and feel cold when the weather is hot. A function that is no less important than a track suit is the ability of the shirt to absorb sweat well. For that, choose clothes with materials that are able to transfer sweat from the skin properly. This is useful so that the body's moisture is maintained without losing the comfort of the wearer. Without the right clothes, exercise can actually lead to physical discomfort. Even fatigue, pain, and injury may be experienced when exercising in the wrong clothes. Pay attention to the fabric selection One of the most important elements of women's sportswear is its constituent material. The better the material used, the better the effect for the body's comfort when exercising. Some guidelines related to clothing materials below are noteworthy.

Kids Food Recipes Must Have Nutrition

Children's nutritional needs are actually the same as those needed by adults. But it needs more attention, because it is able to give effect in growth and development. In making a child's food recipe, parents should base their menu choices on meeting the child's nutritional needs. As with the adult menu, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals must be present in the daily diet of children. The difference is in how much is needed by children and adults. This is reasonable, because different ages also require nutritional intake. Various Nutrition Required in Children's Food When you want to prepare children's food, try to have a variety of nutrients in it. You need to know that nutrition is divided into two types, namely macronutrients and micronutrients. Important macronutrients present in children's food recipes are: Protein Protein is the main constituent of cells in the human body. No wonder the healthy growth and development of childr

Pigment Disorders Cause Color-Changing Skin

Pigments are dyes of the human body, animals, and plants. Much or less pigment affects a person's skin color. However, there are times when skin color changes due to pigment disorders. Various kinds of human skin color are affected by a body pigment called melanin. Melanin also plays a role in giving hair and eye color. If there is too much melanin in the body, the body color will get darker. Vice versa, if the body produces a little melanin, the skin color becomes paler. Pigment Abnormalities That Can Occur Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes. When melanocytes are damaged or unhealthy, melanin production can be disrupted, which then affects the skin color due to pigmentation disorders. There are pigmentation disorders that only affect a small area of ​​the skin. However, there are also pigmentation disorders that attack the entire body. Here are some common pigment disorders: Melasma Melasma is a skin problem when black patches occur on the skin of the cheeks,

Five Conditions for Salivary Gland Disruptors

The salivary glands function to produce saliva. This gland has an important role, namely to lubricate the mouth so as not to dry, help swallow, protect teeth from bacteria, and also help digestion of food. Because of its important role, the health of the salivary glands must be maintained to avoid various disorders. The main salivary glands consist of three pairs, namely the parotid gland (between the base of the jaw and the ear), sublingual (at the bottom of the mouth and under the tongue), and submandibular (under the curve of the jaw). In addition to the three main pairs of salivary glands, there are also small salivary glands that are spread on the lips, inner lining of the cheeks, nose, sinus cavities, and throat. These minor glands are so small that they can only be seen with a microscope. Many problems can interfere with the function of the salivary glands and obstruct the salivary ducts so that saliva cannot flow into the oral cavity. In fact, saliva has an important role a